He is a Shield to All Who Trust in Him

He is a Shield to All Who Trust in Him

As for God, His way is perfect; the word of the LORD is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him. 2 Samuel 22:31 NKJV

My husband and I will be moving into a new-to-us home soon. Before we do, there’s a lot of work to be done.

For a few months, I’ve been painting. Friends ask if I’m finished yet. I tell them when Jesus returns, I’ll have a paint brush in one hand and a roller in the other. In other words, no, I’m not finished.

My hours of painting have taught me a lot. Patience. Perseverance. Diligence. Painting has also taught me to view situations from more than one point of view. For example, if I view a wall from standing, I may believe I’ve covered every square inch. However, if I sit and look up, I may see that I missed a spot or two.

This applies to how I may view my circumstances. If I look at them from my point of view, I may miss something. But if I look up to the One who is all-knowing, who orchestrates every little detail to His glory and my benefit, then I may have a more accurate assessment of my situation.

I must say though, there are instances when I may seek God through His Word and prayer, and I still don’t know what’s going on or what to do. That’s when all I can do is T–R–U–S–T.

That’s when all I can do is T–R–U–S–T. Click To Tweet

T — Take Him at His Word

R — Rest in Him

U — Understand He’s in control

S — Sit at His feet

T — Tirelessly seek Him

What do you need to trust Him with?

Lord Jesus, so many times, we view our circumstances from our own points of view, or we seek You but still don’t know what to do. Lord, if this reader is in this situation, help her to seek You through Your Word and prayer and to T–R–U–S–T. Thank You for loving her and working all things together for her good, because she loves You. In Your name, amen.


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